I started using turnoverbnb around two months ago.
I have a full-time job during the week but I usually am free on the weekends, and I decided to spend some of my free time working. I have some big future travel plans in mind, so I needed another job for me to be able to put some money on my savings account.
I did not want to end up in a coffee shop or a busy store, so I started to look for an alternative option — my friend who has been using the app since last year mentioned turnoverbnb.
It is a platform where vacation rental owners meet the cleaning providers.
What I love about the turnoverbnb service is that easy, quick and straightforward.
I can efficiently work through the app, and I do not even need to meet with the rental owner’s which makes the process easier and quicker. Imagine meeting the owner beforehand and wait for him/her to explain everything and you would have to take notes and so on. It would add another 15-20 extra minutes to work.
The app is easy to use. It has a calendar where I can keep track of when and where I have to go to clean and what time.
I can also set up my rates once a potential rental owner reaches out to me. I can bid, upload my rate and wait and see if the rental owner wants to work with me or not. If yes, I can get access to all the details like the address of the rental place, what dates and time they need my help, things to do list. I can also upload pictures for the owner to see if something got broken or missing in the place etc.
Once I have done the cleaning, I go onto the finish project button, and it is all set.
My payment arrives 2-3 days later straight to my bank account.
I have always been organized and loved cleaning, and I thought to give it a try. After the first time, I decided to stick with it.
No craziness and rush like in a busy store, you clean at your own pace and it takes only a couple of hours of your day. Not to mention that while you are cleaning you also working out! Because cleaning easily could be called a workout. I also put music on while I am cleaning. It makes it more fun!
I think it is an excellent opportunity to get some extra cash without any hassle.
I highly recommend you all to give it a try! It won’t disappoint! I promise.

Alexandra provides Airbnb cleaning services in Honolulu, Hawaii!