Being a Turnover Professional has many benefits. Whether I am providing my cleaning services for hosts of Airbnb, HomeAway or VRBO, I am bound to always have a rewarding experience. The benefit that I love the most is the flexibility which allows me to schedule my appointments around my lifestyle. As a full-time wife and mother, I often find myself in high demand! Sick days, vacation, etc. can all be planned accordingly at the tips of my fingers. Most turnover services are provided during the hours of 11am and 3pm, which still leaves plenty of time for life to happen!

Sense of Fulfillment

Another great benefit to providing turnover services is the sense of fulfillment that I experience with every satisfied client/host. I have even developed a bond and friendship with my clients which is very rewarding. Guests staying in the Airbnb, HomeAway or VRBO, are extensions of my clients so I value their satisfaction as well. Most often guests are traveling for business or leisure. The services that I provide ensure that guests have a positive and memorable experience in their home away from home. To know that in a small way I was apart of that experience makes me feel good inside. I often imagine what their expressions are as they walk into their temporary space and it’s sparkling clean and smelling good from a Airbnb cleaner!


Last but not least, money$$$ must be included in this list! Let’s face it, if it doesn’t make dollars then it doesn’t make cents (sense?)! Along with the ability to be your own boss, you have the ability to set your own rates. Is that awesome or what?! It’s a very simple process to find marketplace requests in your area. Each request has an example of accepted bids. You simply choose the amount you wish to be paid and send the bid! With hard work and dedication, you can establish and keep regular clientele.

As you can see,

Being a Turnover Professional truly rocks! It provides the ultimate experience in entrepreneurship. Giving light to the numerous benefits and perks, this journey has been one that I can say I am very proud of. I am so grateful that this platform exists and it has improved my quality of life tremendously. I look forward to what each new day brings in the wonderful world of travel and hospitality!