We live in a world of convenience and little patience. This world extends to the world of vacation rentals. Therefore, it is imperative to make your check in process as easy as possible. Airbnb is great for making the booking process simple, but there is more that you can do to add to the convenience of booking. The idea of booking with ease makes your rental an attractive option. By making your booking process as simple as possible, you will increase the chances that a guest will book your property instead of moving on to looking at other properties. In this blog post we will discuss how to make your airbnb listing as convenient and attractive for guests as possible.

Convenient Airbnb Search

Convenient Airbnb Search


Card only transactions

Accept ALL payments with credit card. It is surprisingly common for hosts to require a payment of cash for services such as vacation rental cleaning fee. This is both inconvenient and misleading for the total price, when it is listed as $0 when potential guests are exploring with their set price limit. Requiring cash upon arrival is not something that any guests prefer to do. Many would rather pay in full when they book through Airbnb or Homeaway. Paying with cash upon arrival also requires you to actually meet with the guests, instead of providing a keyless entry. This leads us to our next point of convenient airbnb listings, keyless entry.

Keyless entry

Keyless entry is both the simplest entry method for guests and the safest entry method for hosts. The personal codes used for keyless entries can be changed for each individual guest. This avoids the complication of possible lost keys or copied keys. Keyless entry allows guests to enter the home on their own without having to coordinate with the host for a time to meet to enter the property. This is more convenient for the guest and the host. This method is much easier for guest that may be arriving late in the evening when the host would not be able to give them the key.


Complete profile

A great method to increase bookings through convenience, is by simply having a complete profile. By having a complete profile you will not have to go back and forth with the guests by answering the questions they may have. Instead, do your best to answer these questions by providing as much information as possible to answer questions before they need to be asked.

The first way to do this is through photos. Post photos that seem to show every inch of the house. Wide angle lenses will allow you to take photos that will show more of your space in on shot. For example, when taking pictures of your bedroom you should include a photo of the closet in the shot as well. Take pictures of every room and amenity in your home, as well as photos of the outside of your home. The second way to complete your profile is through verified information. Verifying your information will gain guest trust quickly and therefore result in a quicker decision process to book your property. The last way to complete your profile is by simply listing all of your amenities and what your property has to offer.