With thousands of new Airbnb hosts all over the world, we can freely say that this platform has become highly competitive. That’s why, as a host, you have to find ways to stand out from the rest of the crowd. One of the ways to do this is to create your own Airbnb Guidebook.

What is an Airbnb Guidebook?

An Airbnb Guidebook represents a book of information about your rental property and about the location where your property is located. In other words, this is a short guide that can help tourists and visitors enjoy their stay. In its essence, the guidebook should act as both a house manual and a local handbook.

How to create an Airbnb Guidebook?

Airbnb encourages its hosts to create guidebooks. All you have to do is to select a listing, click the manage listing button and opt for Edit next to Guidebook. Keep in mind that every listing comes with a separate guidebook.

What to add to the guidebook?

As we already said, these guidebooks should include useful information about different things that guests may find valuable. First of all, you should focus on your own property. Are there any special rules in your home other than the fact that the guests should act as responsible people? Do you allow pets? Can they play music after 8 pm? Is your property part of a large building that has specific rules? Make sure that your guests are informed about these things even before they book your property.

Once they get familiar with the house rules, it’s time to present the local area. First of all, it would be nice to provide information about the local attractions and landmarks. In addition to the short overview, you should also provide information about transportation (what’s the best way to get there etc.), cost (how much does a ticket cost etc.) and few other things that will help visitors.

Of course, visiting another place is not all about sightseeing. People will also have to take care of food and drinks. It would be nice if you prepare a small section where you can provide more information about the local grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops and other places where people can eat and drink.

When preparing your Airbnb Guidebook, you should always think about your target audience. Obviously, older married couples don’t share the same interest with young groups of people. Try to provide information that will be useful to your target audience.

Airbnb hosts can use specialized software solutions to create guidebooks. You don’t have to be an expert in this field in order to create visually attractive guidebooks. What would be even better is to create a printed version of your guidebook.Leave this guidebook on your property and let it greet your guests. They will definitely appreciate the gesture.

If you are trying to become a better Airbnb host, you should definitely take creating an Airbnb guidebook into consideration. There’s a reason why almost every Airbnb Superhost has one.

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