Happy Halloween hosts! Most of the time having a vacation rental property is a dream and guests act like angels, but sometimes it can turn into a nightmare. We are going to share some of the scariest stories told by short-term rental hosts. Read on about these vacation rental horror stories, if you dare!

Vacation rental scary stories

Vacation rental scary stories

1.) The flooded flat

A vacation rental in LA flooded so badly it resulted in over $10,000 in damages. This occurred after a guest stuffed feminine products into the toilet and repeatedly flushed it. This caused the toilet to overflow, the pipes to back up, and water to leak everywhere. The water crept out into the hallways in the dead of night, wrecking the hardwood floors.

2.) The burned down rental

This story is told by the employee who shared their experience on reddit, “I used to work Customer Service for Airbnb when one night I got a call that a rental was burning down. Twenty minutes later, I got a call from a host saying that a guest had burned their place down. It wasn’t my job to figure out who was at fault, or even what actually happened. One thing was certain, that place did burn down.”

3.) The rental that hosts preferred had burned down

In the case of host Heather Harnell, she probably wouldve preferred her rental had just burned down. It was Harnells first guests ever that left her apartment looking worse than the set of the movie The Hangover. She was informed by her neighbors that there were over 60 people that entered her home. This resulted in a plethera of cigarette burns, trash everywhere, the TV stolen as well as almost everything else was broken or stolen. This damage resulted in over $14,000 in damage, not to mention emotional damage after having your home violated.

In conclusion,

don’t let these horror stories scare you too much for the sake of your own rental. Here is a statement from an Airbnb spokesperson told us, “More than 20 million guests have stayed in an Airbnb, and problems are incredibly rare. We were incredibly sorry to hear about this matter and we’d encouraged the host to use our resolution tools to work with her guests on this matter.” The scariest thing you may have to worry about is cleaning a vacation rental with an unmade bed and dirty dishes