While vacation rental cleaning is still the #1 headache for hosts; if not done properly, it most certainly will lead to bad reviews. Here are the two most common issues related to vacation rental cleaning that will lead to bad reviews:

“When I arrived, the vacation rental hadn’t been cleaned.”


“The vacation rental wasn’t clean enough.”

Vacation Rental Trashed

Vacation Rental Trashed

While TurnoveBnB can certainly help with the first issue with our free scheduling software, issue #2 involves managing expectation with your cleaner. Having a cleaning checklists for your short-term rental cleaner is a must.

Once you master vacation rental cleaning, here’s list of other no-no’s to avoid bad reviews as a host:

1) The property was not as described

2) Uncomfortable beds/sheets/pillows

3) Noisy (A/C unit, road noise, refrigerator, neighbors) lead to poor sleeping conditions

4) Guests run out of stuff – toilet paper / paper towel / etc.

5) Expected items are not there like tv or internet

6) Things that don’t work such as an advertised hot tub

7) Couldn’t access property – Have a spare key hidden in case your smart locks don’t work as anticipated

8) Worn out stuff!

9) No instructions about what to do with trash

10) Insufficient outdoor seating – guests don’t want to carry the sofa outside

11) Construction noise or inconvenience

12) Neighbor issues

13) Poor communications with the host – either before, after, or during – “there was a major problem during my stay and the owner didn’t answer my calls”

14) Terrible or no WiFi

15) Vacation rental location deception

16) Too many rules

17) Lack of privacy – if you’re sharing the space with your guests, make sure they have some privacy

18) No refund with no explanation

19) No plunger – come on, they’re cheap enough

While not all the issues above are preventable, most are. Have you received a negative review before?