TurnoverBnB has made vacation rental cleaning and scheduling even easier, as we have just released a free mobile app for housekeepers on Apple and Android. At this time, our new mobile app is available for cleaner use only. We’re currently in development for a mobile app for our short-term rental hosts; however, hosts should still use the web based app in the meantime.

Our new mobile app gives vacation rental cleaners the ability to view their cleaning projects, receive notifications and reminders, and accept/reject new cleaning projects from their phone! Below are some screen shots of the new cleaner mobile app:

TurnoverBnB Vaction Rental Cleaning Mobile App Home Screen

TurnoverBnB Mobile App Home Screen

TurnoverBnB Vacation Rental Cleaning Mobile App Project Requests

TurnoverBnB Mobile App Project Requests

TurnoverBnB Vacation Rental Cleaning Mobile App Project Details

TurnoverBnB Mobile App Project Details

Below, you can find links to download the new TurnoverBnB app on Apple or Android!

iTunes Store – TurnoverBnB Mobile App for Cleaners

GooglePlay – TurnoverBnB Mobile App for Cleaners

In addition to the vacation rental cleaning app, we’ve been rolling out more features that allow vacation rental hosts to customize how they use TurnoverBnB. These new features have been added at the request of our users and include:

– Ability to turn off automatic scheduling: This allows hosts to clean the unit themselves for specific turnovers

– Modify specific turnover notes: Hosts can modify the generic notes that cleaners receive about a turnover to cater to guests’ needs

– Ability to choose which cleaners receive which turnover notifications: This effectively gives hosts the ability to prioritize cleaners for turnovers

– Edit specific turnovers and publish / unpublish them

– Ability to add a co-host account: Hosts now have the ability to add a cohost, which can manage cleaners and turnovers from the master account without sharing username or password

– Other minor tweaks around the platform to enhance host and cleaner experience

We’re a platform for hosts, by hosts, so as always, feel free to email us at info@turnoverbnb.com if you have any comments, issues, concerns or suggestions!