Cleaning your property is a very important part of owning a vacation rental. You could have a beautiful property, but if it is unclean and unkept, that is will take away from the appeal. When cleaning your rental, you want to make sure you are using the right products. To assist you in properly cleaning your property here are some handy vacation rental cleaning checklist templates and some tips and products to use in different parts of your property!

Vacation Rental Cleaning

Vacation Rental Cleaning


  • Wash and put away dishes
  • Wipe down and organize cabinets
  • Wash floor
  • Clean inside and outside of refrigerator and microwave oven
  • Clean appliance interiors and exteriors: This includes coffee maker and toaster



  • Dust tops of drawers and dressers: We recommend you do this step before you vacuum, this way you can vacuum any dust.
  • Change sheets and pillowcases
  • Vacuum floor: If there are any stains in the carpet, be sure to clean them immediately. Keep stain remover handy between guest visits to avoid long-term stains on your carpet!
  • Vacuum drapes: Using an attachment to vacuum drapes keep them from getting dusty.
  • Clean smudges from windows: This is important so that guests can enjoy the views that your property offers, opposed to seeing fingerprints!



  • Scrub bathtub and faucet
  • Wipe down mirrors: Using a microfiber cloth with a cleaning product is a great method for cleaning smudges off of mirrors.
  • Scrub toilets
  • Remove hard water stains: Vinegar is a great way to remove those pesky water stains. Simply put a small amount of vinegar on a wet wash cloth, and wrap it around the water stained area.
  • Empty and wash trash can


Living room

  • Dust tabletops
  • Dust electronics
  • Organize media cabinet
  • Steam clean sofa/chairs: It is great to have your sofa steam cleaned semi regularly to ensure it is left clean as new!
  • Dust mantels and shelves


Use this link to see other airbnb cleaning checklists created by the wonderful hosts of turnoverbnb. You can use these as a template for you own customized checklist. Your cleaners can then follow the checklists using our iPhone cleaner mobile app or android cleaner mobile app.