If you’re a host, you know vacation rental cleaning is ultra important because it can lead to bad reviews if you don’t do a great job. Because of the threat of bad reviews, most short-term vacation rental hosts give checklists to their cleaners to ensure quality.

Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist for Boat

So, when one of our friends started renting out a boat, we were curious what his vacation rental cleaning checklist looked like. See for yourself:

Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist for Boat

1) Make the bed with new sheets

2) Charge the battery if low

3) Wipe down surfaces like table with antiseptic wipes

4) Check and clean the cooler for food or spills

5) Take out the trash put new trash bag in can

6) Leave four bottles of water

7) Leave soap and shampoo out for next guest

8) Check bathroom cards are not missing

9) Vacuum the floors, carpet, and cushions

10) Check the lines connecting the boat to the dock

11) Report anything missing or broken

So, how does this compare to a regular, short-term rental cleaning checklist? Here’s what I give my house keepers

House Cleaning items:
Sweep and mop floors as needed
Clean kitchen bathroom and desk counters and surfaces
Wash sheets and remake beds
Wash towels, hand towels and floor mats
Clean the range as needed
Inspecting Clean refrigerator
Sweep garage if needed
Disinfect toilet and sinks
Clean shower floor and grout
Check propane levels
Report any broken or missing items to owner
Removal all trash; bed, bath, kitchen, garage out to brown bin on driveway

Consumables at house:
Disinfectant Wipes
shower gel
Dish soap
hand soap
Laundry detergent
Dishwasher soap
Dishwasher rinse aid
toilet paper
Paper towels
Garbage bags
kitchen rubbish bags
Stainless wipes
Toilet cleaning liquid
Vinegar for mopping
Stain remover
Ant killer