One of the most important tools in the arsenal of a vacation rental cleaners is the vacuum cleaner. Many cleaners feel very strongly about the kind of vacuum cleaner they use. For this reason they often make sure to bring it with them the customer house.

Cordless Vs. Old school

In an ideal world we would all go cordless but as some of our more experienced vacation rental cleaners from Denver said “The worst thing about cordless vacuum cleaners is running out of battery in the middle of a turnover”. Professional cleaners must have reliable power no matter what so cordless is out of the question. Having said that, the new dyson cordless stick  vacuum cleaner is a dream to work with, it is maneuverable and light weight yet has plenty of suction to get the job done, according to our Los Angeles Airbnb Cleaners.

dyson cordless is not powerful enough for vacation rental cleaning

The Dyson cordless is a dream in terms of maneuverability but runs out of power too quickly for pros

Upright or Canister

Experienced vacation rental cleaners know that power is key to getting the job done quickly. To get maximum power for the money go with a canister design, since there is virtually no limit to the engine size as compared to upright designs. Canister design can also come with a backup that allows you to cary the motor on your back and move quicker through the room.

Hoover backpack vacuum is ideal for vacation rental cleaners

Canister design have bigger engines that are perfect for vacation rental cleaning

Wet & Steam Vacuum

When you get 2 in 1 in products they usually do a poor job at both functions. This is why airbnb cleaners suggest you work with a separate steam cleaning machine that is not also a vacuum or you’ll end up with a poor steamer and a lousy vacuum.  A steam mop can save you a lot of time moping around after a nasty guest. Our Dallas Texas vacation rental cleaners love the black and decker steam mop.

Vacation Rental Cleaners love the Black and Decker steam mop

our Texas vacation rental cleaners love the steam mop