Create and share a professional vacation rental checklist using dozens of pre made templates. We are excited to announce a new checklist feature on TurnoverBnB that will allow your vacation rental cleaners the ability to follow a checklist on our free mobile app (Apple or Android) so that your short-term rental cleaning goes smoothly. You can create your own checklist or use one of our many user-generated checklists as a template. These checklists have been created by other hosts and make it super easy to get started.

vacation rental checklist

You can create and share your vacation rental checklist on our web app


Vacation Rental Checklist

Vacation Rental Checklist

As a host, you can create your vacation rental checklist on the TurnoverBnB webapp and assign different checklists to different properties. You can also change the checklist for a specific turnover if you want to add or subtract cleaning items for that turnover – for instance, if you want a deeper clean on a property every once in a while that involves more checklist items.

If you have a great checklist that you created and want to share, be sure to check the “make it public” button to share your vacation rental cleaning checklist with everyone. You can also make certain checklist items private (such as key codes, addresses, etc.) on a public checklist for your privacy. Sharing your short-term rental cleaning checklist is a great way to support your fellow vacation rental hosts.

As a cleaner, the checklists are viewable on both the web-app and mobile app. On the TurnoverBnB mobile app, cleaners can check the circles next to the checklist items and then ‘complete’ the project when they are finished. The host will receive an email notification when the cleaner marks the project as completed, which will give the host piece of mind when the turnover window is tight and vacation rental guests are soon to arrive.

As always, make sure your cleaners have the latest version of our mobile app to use the checklist feature. Please let us know if you have any suggestions to improve the checklists!