I’ve been in a lot of Airbnb’s, not only staying in them, but I’ve had one and cleaned many. Here are a few strategies that can help you get more bang for your buck on your vacation rental.

Make sure you CAN rent out your place

This actually happened to me when I was living in a place in Moab Utah. I had to be away from home for long periods, which caused a problem for me and my roommate. We decided that we would Airbnb out my room, and as soon as we put up the listing, holy cow! Within days it was booked out! Then I found out that we weren’t even allowed to use it as a vacation rental because of the housing shortage. This is quite common in certain cities, so make sure you understand the rules of not only the city you live in, but also check with any HOA’s, building requirements etc.

Think of fun and creative ways to list your space

Airbnb has grown considerable since its inception in 2008, and currently has 4 million listings worldwide! How do you stand out? Make your vacation rental listing look irresistible to people scrolling through options. Choose a fun attention grabbing headline, and use great pictures of what you have to offer, and make it look impossible to pass up. Think about little details that you can offer that will set you apart from everyone else. People love unique vacation rentals, so think out of the box and price your space competitively, and you will be making money in no time.

Be available for your guests at all times

This is incredibly important in the Airbnb game, not only does Airbnb take note of your responsiveness, it’s something that is always mentioned in reviews by guests. Some people may look at the vacation rental business as easy money, and it can be, but you must invest time in your guests – there just is no middle ground here. If you are not on site, you will need to have someone close by who can respond to issues, because they will happen.

As a vacation rental cleaner, I made myself available whenever I could to my owners that lived out of state. So consider asking your vacation rental cleaners, friends, or family to help if you can’t be available yourself, and make sure your guests know who to contact should they need help. Great guest reviews can make you a super host and give you a greater visibility listing = more money$$$$.


Yep. Laundry. Something so simple can make or break a vacation rental. Whether you use a professional vacation rental cleaner, or you decide to do it yourself, I highly suggest keeping extras of bedding and towels. Quick turns are the way to make money, and also save on your bottom line if you use a professional vacation rental cleaner.

I used to clean for a very smart lady who wanted to pay a flat fee, because she kept all the replacement towels and bedding in a basket in a locked closet for me on my arrival. This cut down on the time it took to clean the place, and I was always able to clean it really quickly. Whatever she paid out for extra linens in the beginning, she surely made up in revenue in the cleaning time. It matters. Turnoverbnb does a great job of vetting vacation rental cleaners for owners, so if you are in the vacation rental business, check them out.


This is another detail that people don’t often think about. Not only do your guest need to get in and out of the property, but so will a vacation rental cleaner, or anyone else you have entering the property on your behalf. There are services that handle key handoffs, however, keypads and lockboxes are both great options that will save you money down the line and increase your revenue.

Thinking through the details can mean a lot more money on your vacation rental and happy guests that leave stellar reviews!

About the Author: Lisa is a professional Airbnb cleaner located in Denver, Colorado. To view Lisa’s profile or to book Lisa for your next short term rental cleaning, visit her profile or find an Airbnb cleaner in your area.