Nowadays, most people do not go anywhere without posting on to social media. This applies especially when on vacation. When guests are staying at your property, you want to present a property to them that they will want to post on social media such as Instagram and Facebook. This way when your vacation rental is posted on to social media, your guests are actually marketing your property to other potential guests. In this article we will discuss which social media accounts to start for your Airbnb and how to post great content.

The first step to show off your guests photos of your property on social media, is by starting a social media page for your rental. This allows potential guests to find your property through social media and current guests and take photos of your property and tag you on social media.

The Right Social Media Platforms

The top two platforms that you should use are Facebook and Instagram! These two social media platforms are the most commonly used. Therefore it is likely that your guest will have these social media accounts. On both of these accounts guests can post photos of your property and tag your account to the photo. By doing this you will receive more attention from all of their followers. This is great word of mouth marketing and will possibly result in more bookings for your property!

Tips for Posting Content

Clean before posting

The first and most obvious way to make your home look more appealing: clean. A cluttered and dirty home will not make guests want to show off to their social media followers. When decorating your home, keep in mind that it is best to decorate minimally and keep a very tidy property. You will want a reliable airbnb cleaning service and thorough airbnb cleaner who will keep your rental sparkling clean for guests.

Add light

Lighting is something that gets overlooked often, but is very important to complete the entire look of a room. Try adding table lamps to bedside tables and living areas. You can also bounce light through your rooms. Adding a mirror is an effective way to make a space feel more open. 

Appealing design

To properly decorate your vacation rental there are a few basic tips to follow: choose complementary colors and have a statement piece. When choosing a color for your Airbnb, remember these three tips. Choose colors that reflect your surroundings, avoid primary colors together and use sparingly. For all that you need to know on the correct way to use color in your Airbnb read more in our blog here.

Adding a statement piece into your property is what will attract guests to take pictures of your rental. This can include a piece of unique artwork, an interest light fixture or out of the ordinary couch for a guest to take a picture on.