As an Airbnb cleaner I encounter many types of situations when it comes to the state of the rentals at cleaning time. When you first open the door sometimes your jaw drops. Sometimes it’s because you can’t believe how clean the guests have left things. Recently I had guests who actually left their own multipurpose cleaner and disinfectant spray! To these people I just want to say you are thoughtful and wonderful! Obviously that is far above and beyond what any cleaner expects but other times it can be just the opposite. Walking into piles of trash and and dishes is pretty unpleasant. Here is a list of a few things guests can do prior to leaving that most cleaners will really appreciate!

Doing the dishes.

Usually this is something that is requested of guests anyway but when they are actually clean and put away it is extremely helpful and appreciated! I understand sometimes people are in a pinch and can’t do everything on the checkout list. Though even if they are washed and drying on a rack for your cleaner to put away that’s better than just leaving them. Nothing is worse than walking in to clean and finding a pile of dirty dishes. It sets your cleaner back tremendously on their time frame if they must scrub greasy bacon pans and caked on cookie sheets. Yes, these scenarios have happened to me more times than I would like!

Taking out the trash.

This is another task that is usually asked of as well but many times gets overlooked. When guests take out their trash it helps the unit to smell fresher. It’s also one less thing your cleaner will have to lug around.

Stripping the bed/piling the dirty laundry.

It is so wonderful when you walk into a unit and see that the guest has put all the dirty linens in a pile. It may seem simple (because it is) but it’s very handy to be able to simply put them all in a bag in one fell swoop.

Putting things back where they belong.

It is super helpful if a guest puts away the things they use during their stay. Air mattresses, ironing boards, kitchen appliances, games, keys, parking passes and more are all things that have a place and if they are put back in their places it will make your cleaner very happy!


These are just a few things I have come to really appreciate as someone who cleans!

AirBnb is a wonderful alternative to staying in a hotel. They often provide more affordable rates, more space and amenities and a more personal home like environment. If guests and cleaners work together to treat the places where they stay and work as if it were their home (or at least the home of a hospitable friend) the Airbnb community will be an even happier place!

About the Author: Ashley is a professional Airbnb Cleaner located in Seminole, Florida. Ashley Medeiros is Co-owner of Perfect Ten Concierge who wishes she could give all her tidy guests a big hug! To view Ashley’s profile or to book her for your next Airbnb cleaning service, visit her profile or find an Airbnb cleaner in your area.