First off, what exactly is the difference between a host and a co-host? A vacation rental host is the owner of a VR property who also manages the rental on Airbnb, HomeAway, or VRBO. A co-host is partnered with the owner of the property to manage bookings, hire Airbnb cleaners and more. There are varying degrees in the involvement of the host and the co-host per rental. Either way, co-hosts typically have specific responsibilities. Here are responsibilities of a VR co-host and tips for running a vacation rental property.


  1. Manage listings

Managing a rental listing includes first creating a listing on vacation rental platforms, setting house rules and managing bookings. To manage bookings co-hosts receive requests from guests to book the rental and then screen guests. Screening guests includes asking about how many guests will be in the party, whether they will have pets and making sure they are clear about your house rules. Providing house rules in writing is important to protect both yourself and your guest.

  1. Checking on the property

Whether it be for checking on the properties cleanliness, watering plants or ensuring everything is in order, a co-host is there to check on things. A co-host can also be responsible for creating a house manual that includes local tips around the property. By giving guests suggestions for places to go in the area, they will in turn have a better experience and this will reflect in your rental reviews. Some hosts provide information on their listing with suggestions on activities, restaurants and sites in the area.

  1. Communicating with guests

It is a great quality in a co-host to be quick to respond to inquiries. This shows you care about the possibility of the guest staying with you. Communicating with guests is done both before the guest decides to book and any questions they have before or during their stay. It is also beneficial for you considering you may respond faster than other properties the guest is contacting, and they may book with you first. Email and phone are both good ways to connect with guests, email is an easier way to connect while phone can make potential guests more comfortable to stay at your property.

  1. Booking Airbnb cleaners

Having a great vacation rental cleaner is a key component to a co-hosts success when operating a rental property. There are four qualities hosts should look for in a airbnb cleaners: reliable, good at communication, thorough and honest. Reliability includes arriving on time as well as avoiding last minute cancellations. The last thing a host wants is to have to scramble to clean their property or to try to find a backup cleaner. Without good communication the cleaning process would very difficult.

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