Having a great vacation rental cleaner is a key component to a hosts success when operating a rental property. In this blog we will cover the qualities hosts should look for in a vacation rental cleaner.


Arguably the most important quality to look for in a Airbnb cleaner is reliability. The last thing a host wants is to have to scramble to clean their property or to try to find a backup cleaner.

Before hiring a cleaner, call their references of past hosts whom they’ve cleaned for. This is where you are able to find out how reliable the cleaner is from past experience.

Reliability includes arriving on time as well as avoiding last minute cancellations. Punctuality is especially important for times that you have back to back guests checking out and in on the same day. It is not an option to push back a guests set check in time simply because your cleaner arrived late. Even worse than arriving late, some cleaners cancel last minute leaving you scrambling. In this situation it is beneficial to have a backup cleaner, which you can find through TurnoverBnB.

Good Communication

There are several points where good communication with yout cleaner becomes important. The first point is confirmation that your cleaner is free and able to perform the turnover when you need them to. The second point of communication is making sure your cleaner is aware of all the tasks you wish for them to complete in the home. The day of the turnover you have to communicate to the cleaner when the guest has checked out of the property. The cleaner must know how much time they have, in the case that there may be a game day guest check in. Lastly the cleaner must communicate to the host that the turnover is complete.

Without good communication this process would very difficult. This process can be easily simplified through the TurnoverBnB software.


It can be easy as a cleaner to neglect areas in a home that are either not easily accessible nor easy to see. For this reason you will want a good cleaner that takes initiative to clean these tough areas without being asked. 

This includes cleaning the top of dressers, inside microwaves, refrigerators and more. When it comes to dusting tops of drawers and dressers: We recommend you do this step before you vacuum, this way you can vacuum any dust. The cleaning tasks you wish to be completed in your home can be compiled on a checklist for your cleaner on TurnoverBnB


Let’s be real, we are all human and sometimes we accidentally knock and break things. Now the question is: would you rather have a cleaner that sweeps the broken glass under the rug or one that is honest about what happened and apologizes. We all want a vacation rental cleaner that is honest when it comes to accidents that happen in the house. When hosts have an honest cleaner, it is also believable when a real emergency comes up and they are forced cancel the turnover. 

Now that you know what to look for in a cleaner, go to TurnoverBnB and search for your perfect cleaner!