Making your guests feel welcome in your vacation rental home is very important. Just the knowledge that they are welcome to make themselves at home will improve their stay and your ratings. Included are tips on how to properly welcome your guests to your short term vacation rental, such as a welcome book and cleaning well beforehand.

How to properly welcome your guests

How to properly welcome your guests

1.) Welcome in person

It is best to meet your guests in person upon arrival. Giving a face-to-face greeting will make their experience more personable. This can be hard to do when many hosts have a very busy turnover schedule or do not live in the area, but there are many other ways to welcome your guests!

2.) Clean-well

It is important to make sure you clean properly for your short term rental cleaning turnovers. A guest will not feel very welcome if they arrive at find a dirty home. A nice clean home will keep guests from thinking about any pasts guest and will feel more like their home for a short period of time.

3.) Personalized greeting

Leaving a short welcome note for the guest upon entry is an easy and thoughtful gesture. If you cannot drop off a note every time a new guest checks in, you can simply send them a message upon check-in asking if they are finding the accommodations to be satisfactory.

4.) Welcome book

Putting together a welcome book for your guests that include recommended restaurants, an activity guide and any discount codes you may have is a very nice touch. This shows off your knowledge of the area and makes for a better trip for the guest. Ensuring the guest has a great trip is important and increases the possibility that the guest will return!