Professional quality rental photos are extremely important in advertising your vacation rental property. Guests are much more likely to stay at your vacation rental if there are appealing photos. Some AirBnB hosts have even seen their revenue double after uploading quality photos. You have the option to take the photos yourself or to pay for professional photos. If you choose to take the photos yourself, here are tips that will make your photos just as good of quality as professional pictures.

Professional quality rental photos

Professional quality rental photos

1.) Plenty of light

The time of day you take your photo is crucial. Getting plenty of light for your photos will creating a more eye catching. A dark room creates the look of a dreary cold room versus a room with plenty of light that creates a warm and inviting feeling.

2.) It’s all about the angles

To get the best view of your space, take a horizontal photo at a crouching angle or an angle at least lower than your eye line. For assistance in getting the right angle, you can find a gridview under settings on your iphone. Shoot from different corners of each room to get the full view.

3.) Clean and clutterless

You want to make sure that you have a clean vacation rental for your photos. Clutter in your photos will make the room look smaller and will take away from the photos. Be sure that your home is freshly cleaned so your photos will shine!

4.) Show your homes personality

Remember to add in the smaller details of your home to show its personality. For example, featuring a nice fireplace, a cute sign or a few books piled up next to a cozy chair. This is a very nice touch and will give your potential guest a feel for what your rental is like.