We are excited to announce the release of new features for our free vacation rental cleaning management software. These features have been requested by both short-term rental hosts and cleaners who are using TurnoverBnB, and we were happy to oblige. If you are using TurnoverBnB and have suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

So, without further ado, here are the new features:

1) Flexible Turnover Window – This allows your cleaner to clean up to 1-7 days after a check-out if you don’t have a booking. The window is automatically shortened and your cleaner is notified if a new booking occurs during that window. Make sure to click “Update all currently open turnovers…” if you mean to apply your changes to existing turnovers.

TurnoverBnB - Flexible Cleaning Window for Vacation Rental Cleaning

TurnoverBnB – Flexible Cleaning Window for Vacation Rental Cleaning

2) Add cleaning price – You can let your cleaner know how much they will earn for each project, if you want. You can set a general cleaning price for the property and then edit the price for each turnover, in case you have more guests/more things for your cleaner to do.

3) You can limit how far in advance your cleaners will be alerted to new turnovers – this prevents cleaners getting notifications about projects more than two months in advance.

4) Other minor tweaks around the platform to enhance user experience.

If you haven’t tried our vacation rental cleaning software yet, make sure to sign up – it’s free to use.

As hosts, we understand how exhausting scheduling multiple cleaners for your short-term rentals can be. TurnoverBnB allows you to sync with your existing Airbnb, VRBO (Homeaway), or iCal (generic) calendars and automatically schedule your cleaners via email or our mobile app. The set-up process typically takes less than 10 minutes and then scheduling of cleaners becomes completely automatic. As a plus, we also offer the option to automatically pay your cleaners via credit card when a project is complete.