It is important when advertising your rental, to know who your target market is. This will vary depending on where your rental is located, but there is a very good chance that there a large amount of millennials interested in your rental. Millennials are actually the most frequent users of home rental sites, such as AirBnB and are 23% more likely to travel compared to other generations. Considering these facts, here are tips to help you in marketing your vacation rental to millennials.

Marketing your vacation rental to millennials

Marketing your vacation rental to millennials

Make Booking Easy

Millennials tend to prefer convenience over anything that will test their patience. For this reason it is best to make booking your vacation rental easy. Make sure your rental booking process can be done via mobile phone.

High Quality Pictures

Professional quality rental photos are extremely important in advertising your vacation rental property. Guests are much more likely to stay at your vacation rental if there are appealing photos.

Strive for good reviews

There are typically many options for vacation rentals and millennials take reviews into account when choosing a place to stay. This is a good tip in general because reviews are always important, but reviews tend to be most important to millennials.

Focus on Picture Worthy Decorating

Millennials love taking pictures of pretty things and showing off to their social media friends. You want to create a home that is picture worthy and posting worthy to the guests social media sites. This will create a great stay for the guest in your beautiful home, and will also market to the friends and family that see the pictures of your rental.

Brag About Your Area

Let potential guests know in your guest description what your area has to offer. If young adults tend to stay with you, highlight your proximity to nearby nightlife and trendy restaurants.