Sixty-eight percent of American households own a pet. Although pet friendly traveling is growing, it can still be complicated. Because finding a vacation rental that is pet friendly is a major issue for these families, having a pet friendly vacation rental attracts a larger pool of travelers. In this blog, we will cover some tips on managing a pet friendly vacation rental.

  1. Provide amenities

You wouldn’t hesitate providing a welcoming gift or extra amenities to your guest. Why should it be any different with pets? Have things like treats, toys, and a food and water bowl available for your guest’s pet. It is an easy way to show your guest you care. Toys as simple as a ball or chew toy are sure to put a smile on their pup’s face! Remember that a little can go a long way.

  1. Promote nearby pet friendly areas

Do your research beforehand about pet friendly areas nearby. Pet owners want to have as many options as possible when it comes to doing activities on vacation with their pets. Give suggestions for local parks, beaches, and eateries that are pet friendly.

  1. Include pet fee

A small pet fee is a price pet owners are likely to pay, especially when there are only a limited amount of pet friendly vacation rentals.  Including a pet fee will help you cover the extra costs of running a pet friendly vacation rental. The pet fee should be used to pay for additional airbnb cleaning and any pet related damages. You can even implement a refundable deposit that will be returned as long as there are no pet related damages at the end of your guest’s stay.

  1. Establish clear rules

Vague descriptions will increase the chance of a misunderstanding with your guest. Be specific when explaining your pet related rules. Many times, “pet friendly” is used interchangeably with “dog friendly”; therefore, it is important to clarify with your guest the type of pet, number of pets, and weight limit. This will ensure that you and your guest have a mutual understanding of your policies.

  1. Protect furniture

Of course by operating a pet friendly vacation rental, you run a higher risk of property damage so why not take preventative measures. Using covers is an easy and efficient way of preventing damages to your furniture. You can try using slipcovers, blankets, or throws to cover your furniture. Investing in a dog bed can also protect furniture by replacing their favorite spot on the couch.

  1. Set boundaries for pets

There may be areas of your home that contain valuables or fragile objects. To prevent any accidents, establish areas in your home that off limits to pets. A good trick to doing this is to set up baby gates to mark restricted areas.