Challenge: The hassle of trying to communicate crucial information to cleaner about check-in dates so the properties are cleaned and ready for the next guest.

BackgroundLori currently manages two properties in Sparrows Point, Maryland. While trying to manage her properties, She has faced many issues with finding an effective way to communicate with her Airbnb cleaner. She has tried many tactics such as using google calendar and directly texting her cleaner; none of which have brought the convenience aspect. While searching for a solution on community forums, she found TurnoverBnB.

SolutionTurnoverBnB has removed the hassle of Lori having to constantly get in touch with her cleaner. She can now easily schedule turnovers with her cleaner, as well as pay her cleaner through one platform.

“I need TurnoverBnB to be able to coordinate two units with one cleaner. This product keeps us both informed.” 

ResultLori is excited that she will be able to expand her business. Although she does not currently use a cleaner from our marketplace, she enjoys the idea of being able to easily find quality cleaners when needed. She knows that not only will turnoverBnB help her manage the properties she rents today but it will be there to help her scale her business in the coming years!