As all vacation rental hosts know, good reviews are very important for the success of your vacation rental. Ensuring good reviews requires you to do the best you can as a host to make their time at your property great. The more good reviews you receive, the more bookings you will receive. Some tips for how to get great reviews for your vacation rental include:

Ask Nicely

The first step to a good review… Ask! If you are certain that guests had a good experience in your rental. You should ensure that your guest leaves a review for your rental. This could mean sending your guest an email or giving them a call. Get in touch with the guest soon after checkout to thank them for staying at your rental and let them know that you would love to read about their time at your property in the form of a review.

Make Yourself at Home

Making guests feel welcome to your property helps them feel comfortable and at home. Some ways to make guests feel welcome are by welcoming in person or alternatively leaving a welcome note. Leaving a short welcome note for the guest upon entry is an easy and thoughtful gesture. If you cannot drop off a note every time a new guest checks in, you can simply send them a message upon check-in asking if they are finding the accommodations to be satisfactory.

Local Tips

By giving guests suggestions for places to go in the area, they will in turn have a better experience and this will reflect in your rental reviews. Some hosts provide information on their listing with suggestions on activities, restaurants and sites in the area. Some hosts leave a guide book in the home for guests to peruse through during their stay.

You can even go to local businesses to get coupons or discounts for your guests to use. These could be for restaurants or activities in your area. Guests will be thrilled to find that you took the time to get them discounts and helped them to enjoy their trip.

Cleanliness is Next to Good Reviews

One of the major things that hosts receive bad reviews for is a dirty vacation rental. Having a clean property is very important for the guests quality of stay and ensure that you as a host receive a 5 star rating. This includes clean dishes, linens, appliances and more. As a host finding a reputable vacation rental cleaner that you trust to do a great job cleaning your rental can be a difficult task in its own. Once you have found a cleaner it can be difficult to keep up with the scheduling of upcoming turnovers. Luckily this problem can be solved linking with vacation cleaners and their services at TurnoverBnB.

Communication is Key

Good communication is key in establishing the trust of guests and gaining five star reviews. Responding quickly to guests inquiries will reflect positively on your hosting style as well as on your property. The quality of communication is also important. When communicating with guests you want to remain positive and friendly.

Don’t Deceive

Often guests feel that a vacation rental looks different than what they were expecting. Some ways to avoid this are by taking great pictures of your property without using a fisheye lense and by including a thorough and accurate description of what your home has to offer.