Most business travelers are used to staying in high end hotels for business trips, but recently, we have seen an increased amount of business travelers staying in vacation rentals. It is important to understand that most business travelers use this trip for both work and leisure. With that being said, here are some tips on how to attract business travelers to stay at your vacation rental.

1. Easy parking
On a normal vacation, guests wouldn’t mind spending a few extra minutes walking to the nearest transportation system or parking lot. However,business travelers need to be able to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. Be sure to recommend parking lots that are the closest and cost efficient.

2. Workspace
Do not lose focus on the idea that business travelers are away on work. This means that although they are in a vacation rental, they will need some sort of area to work. If your property is large enough, you may want to set up an entire area so that they are able to host business meetings if needed. However, at the least provide a work area that enables them to do things like make calls, use the computer, and print out documents. Having a printer should make your listing more appealing to business travelers due to its convenience. Who really wants to go out every time they need to print a document?

3. Hotel comfort
People look forward to staying at hotels for the extra comfort that it provides for them during their stay. At a hotel, guests can expect things like top shelf toiletries, quality bedding, and daily housekeeping. Try to match a guest’s experience at a hotel to your vacation rental as much as possible.

4. Recommend leisure activities
Although the purpose of their trip is for business, there’s no reason to expect that business travelers will not be engaging in any leisure activities. Six out of ten business travelers use their business trip as an opportunity to explore the area they are in. Start off by recommending leisure activities that are in connection to your vacation such as going to the pool or gym. You can also recommend some quick and leisure activities they can partake in.