Hair in an Airbnb unit is one of the hardest things to keep up with, but is also the most important detail for a great vacation rental clean! I believe as an Airbnb cleaner that one strand of hair has the potential to sour the mood for a vacation rental host and make them a little more wide eyed for error throughout the unit. We surely don’t want that – so I’ve been finding new ways to become more efficient.

How Airbnb Cleaner Deals with Hair

Ughhh, hair

Carry a lint roller at all times!
Very often you’ll find stubborn strands of hair on linen even after they are laundered. Lint Roller! Hair stuck in pillow cases! Lint roller! Hair on couches, pillows, chairs, shower curtains, any fabric in the unit. Having a lint roller by your side will cut down on a lot of wrist work!

Shake out laundry before putting them in the wash. Obviously the bedding will have a lot of hair so shaking it onto the floor to be swept up and trashed will cut down on the transfer of hair. Making the odds of having hair on clean linen for the next guest a lot lower.

Tip # 3
An Airbnb cleaner should sweep the floors in the kitchen and bathroom before you start cleaning the vacation rental!
For awhile after cleaning, you’ll notice that things clean up easier most often when things are dry. For instance in the bathroom everything gets sprayed down, showers have to be rinsed, mirrors have to be sprayed and all of those things are splashing on the floor. Now all the hair (often quite a bit) is wet and you go to sweep now the broom is wet which is pretty yucky and the hair is slipping and sliding all over the place. Sweep, spray, and then dry! Which leads me to…..

Tip #4
An Airbnb cleaner should always dry surfaces after they’ve been cleaned! Things look a lot different wet. You can wipe ever surface down and everything could look good to you. Then you go back and look around and you seem to find hair on the surfaces you’ve already cleaned. Paper towel will grab most of that hair and will give a clear picture of what the customers will really be walking in to.

Tip # 5
Work from the top to the bottom! Working in one direction with everything you do while cleaning is important for many reasons. If you start with the toilet and now it’s spotless, then you go and clean the shelf that hangs over the toilet but it has little pieces of hair on it. Now they are back on your clean toilet and you’ll be needing to wipe the toilet down once again. Same with the tub if you wipe out the inside of the tub first and then go to wipe down the shower walls and you run across some hair it’s very possible it will fall back onto your clean surface. Using my top bottom right to left formula will cut down on a lot of time and frustration which I’ll discuss in future blogs.

Good luck with the hair battle!
Hopefully you’ll find these tips useful and come on back for more Cleaning Tips!

About the Author: Lauren is a professional Airbnb Cleaner located in Wixom, Michigan. To view Lauren’s profile or to book Lauren for your next short term rental cleaning, visit her profile or find an Airbnb cleaner in your area.