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TurnoverBnB helps cleaners to find new vacation rental owners in their area through a local marketplace. Cleaners can also keep track of their current client's schedules all in one platform.


Start Managing Your Current Clients, While TurnoverBnB Helps to Grow Your Business

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It's completely free to sign up for the TurnoverBnB platform.


Invite Current Customers

TurnoverBnB allows you manage your current customers, by being able to see and schedule all their turnovers automatically.


Find New Customers

In the local marketplace you are able to find new customers in your area. Set your own prices and your own schedule.

Automate Schedule

After connecting with customers of both new and old, TurnoverBnB will help you to automate your schedule.


Mobile App for Cleaners 

Download the mobile app and be able to see your schedule on the go, accept new projects and find new customers.

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Love the app makes life easier for me as a cleaning business. 

Kevin G.
Niagara Falls, Ontario

I’m a cleaner and I absolutely love this website/app. It makes vacation rental cleaning schedules hassle free and easy!

I appreciate it being free for my current clients and I to use and I definitely don’t mind paying 5% per clean for business TurnoverBnB brings me! I can’t express enough how grateful I am.

Thank you!

Traverse City, Michigan

I have been using Turnoverbnb for a couple months now to manage scheduling for a few of my vacation rental clients and I love it! It’s been a real headache saver! 

Denver, Colorado

Join the thousands of vacation rental cleaners who mange existing customers and find new customers on TurnoverBnB

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay to work with my existing customers?

NO. you can work with your existing customers for FREE.

Do you charge me to get paid from my existing cleaners?

No, you get 100% of the amount, the customer is in charge of the commission.  

How much does it cost to join the marketplace and start receiving new customer requests?

It's FREE to join.

What do you charge for customers you find for me through the marketplace ?

5% for every cleaning project.

Will I be considered an employee of TurnoverBnB?

NO. You are operating your own business, on your terms with all the legal responsibilities that come with it. We are only a communication and scheduling platform.

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