We have all gotten that call or text in the 11th hour “Can you get over to blah, blah street asap??? I have guests that want to check in!” Holy cow you think, no way, thats less than two hours out! Well, I’m here to tell you, if you are prepared (and I mean you are a professional rental cleaner) YOU CAN GET IT DONE!

Always Have Backups Handy!

I cannot emphasize this enough. Any professional vacation rental cleaner or Airbnb owner, usually has plenty of extra sheets and towels, without these, you are dead in the water! I personally kept extras in my vehicle just in case, and they definitely came in handy. Laundry is what takes the longest, especially towels, so if you have extra bedding and towels, you should be good to go.

Gauge the Damage

You know what I mean. The previous tenants, how did they leave the place? Most of the time, airbnb renters are conscientious, however, sometimes you get some doozies. As soon as you walk in, do an assessment and then get your owner on the phone and let them know what is realistic. They may have to tell incoming guests that you may be there when they arrive, but with a last minute booking, this really shouldn’t be an issue. I have had a lot of people just be grateful that they could get in at the last minute. If you do meet the guest, be friendly, give them a time that you will be done, and suggest a great place to eat nearby.

Multitask Like a Ninja!

You likely do this anyway, if you use an Airbnb cleaning service, chances are that you have this down, but when you are in a time crunch, every second counts. Set your plan of attack the minute you walk in the door. Dishes in the sink? Is the dishwasher full? Has every bed been slept in? Do your walk through like you are running a marathon! Just because you are cleaning in marathon mode doesn’t mean you are leaving things undone. It really means you just have to work 10 times faster.

Get it scheduled on TurnoverBnB – even if you are cleaning it already

Schedule the cleaning, just to make sure you are able to upload the pictures of the finished clean. This is always my favorite feature of Turnoverbnb, the proof is in the photos. Especially with any kind of a speed clean, you want to make sure that they know its been completed. Note what time it was completed so they can coordinate with their guests.

Being able to take last minute cleans on the fly will make you not only a savior to the people you work for, it develops a sense of trust that you can be relied on in a pinch. How fast the owners respond to guests, also boosts their ratings on Airbnb. So if you get that call, try to help them out. Communicate what the expectations are, and hopefully everyone wins in the end.

About the Author: Lisa is a professional Airbnb cleaner located in Denver, Colorado. To view Lisa’s profile or to book Lisa for your next short term rental cleaning, visit her profile or find an Airbnb cleaner in your area.