It is important as a vacation rental host to continuously assess how you can improve your Airbnb, Homeaway or VRBO property. Whether that be a small inexpensive change or a large overhaul. In this blog we will be going over small changes that’ll make a impact on your Airbnb.

1.) Keyless Entry

When a guests from out of town come to visit your property after spending time traveling, guests want the conveince of punching in a preassigned entry code for the home so they can relax and enjoy the property. Keyless entry is both the simplest entry method for guests and the safest entry method for hosts. The personal codes used for keyless entries can be changed for each individual guest. This avoids the complication of possible lost keys or copied keys.

2.) Always Tidy

Your vacation rental could be beautiful, but that will not matter if you have it not clean. Having a property with shining clean countertops and floors will give your home a fresh and new look at little cost. If a guest checks in a finds that the sheets are not clean and the dishes still have food on them, you can say goodbye to your 5 star rating. The importance of having a good Airbnb cleaner cannot be understated.

3.) Motion-Activated Lights

Providing conveneice is a great and easy way to improve your Airbnb. One very convenient feature in a home is to provide motion or sound activated lights. These types of lights is also a great safety addition to have. A guest may not be oriented with the property, therefore it could be potentially dangerous to enter the house at night. Motion-activated lights is a easy fix to create a simple entry.

4. Welcome Book

Putting together a welcome book for your guests that include recommended restaurants, an activity guide and any discount codes you may have is a very nice touch. This shows off your knowledge of the area and makes for a better trip for the guest. Ensuring the guest has a great trip is important and increases the possibility that the guest will return!

5. Fun Amenities

Your amenities say a lot about how much care you put into your space. Toiletries are the basic amenities, which are now required in some sites like Airbnb. You can use a BelcoBox, which contains all basic toiletries and a thank you note you can write to your guests. It is a very fun gift that is meant to make your guests more welcome!

6. Reconsider Your Airbnb Cleaner Situation

Having a clean property and a reliable vacation rental cleaner to clean it is very important. Therefore it is important to access how happy you are with the cleanliness of your home and whether you need to hire an Airbnb cleaner, or a backup cleaner. You can find Airbnb cleaners or backup cleaners in your area through the Turnoverbnb marketplace.