Making your guests feel welcome in your vacation rental home is very important. Small gifts for your gifts are a great gesture to make your guest feel welcome. Included are ideas for welcome gifts for your guests, such as treats or fresh flowers.

1. Homemade treats

If you have the time to make some homemade treats such as cookies or brownies, this is a wonderful touch. Not only is it a great way to welcome guests, but it will also make your home smell great. If you have baking skills you can spend time making special treats, but store bought cookie dough is just as great. Make sure that your guest does not have allergies to anything in the treats you are making them.

2. Welcome card

Leaving a short welcome note for the guest upon entry is an easy and thoughtful gesture. If you cannot drop off a note every time a new guest checks in, you can simply send them a message upon check-in asking if they are finding the accommodations to be satisfactory.

3. Fresh flowers

Including flowers into your home adds light and life into your home. Having flowers in your home have been known to increase happiness, and reduce depression and anxiety. Not to mention, flowers are just a pretty piece to have on the kitchen table!

4. Wine

As a guest who has had potentially a long day of traveling, a nice glass of wine upon arrival at your Airbnb. Although wine can be expensive, there are many great options that cost as low as $10 dollars!

5. Clean well

It is important to mention the necessity of cleaning up the unwanted gift from the previous guest- their trash. Make sure your Airbnb cleaner properly cleans for your short term rental cleaning turnovers. A guest will not feel very welcome if they arrive at find a dirty home. A nice clean home will keep guests from thinking about any pasts guest and will feel more like their home for a short period of time.