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A Couple in Brazil Manages Their First Vacation Rental from 3,500 Miles Away With the Help of TurnoverBnB.

Challenge: Finding a low cost solution to managing vacation rentals remotely.

Background: Thiago and his wife invested in their first rental property, located 3,500 miles from Brazil in Tampa, Florida.  After buying the property, they realized what a headache it is to manage manage the turnover process (between guest check-out and the next guest checking-in) remotely. While searching for a solution, Thiago found TurnoverBnB.

Solution: TurnoverBnB gives Thiago the ability to manage his existing cleaners by sharing all the information with them and automatically scheduling turnovers with them. Eliminating the need for him to worry if the unit will be ready for the next guest because TurnoverBnB updates him on the progress and completion of the turnover process.

“Being able to share important details about the turnover dates, with integration that TurnoverBnB has with Airbnb and VRBO is crucial to being able to keep track of dates and most importantly keeping guest happy”, says Thiago.

Result:  Thiago will be expanding his investments to more properties with vacation rental potential. He says TurnoverBnB has allowed him to manage all his bookings from a variety of websites across more more properties. This is one of the key reasons why he feels more comfortable investing in more properties even if he lives thousands of miles away. He now knows TurnoverBnB has his back.

"TurnoverBnB allows us to manage our property from thousands of miles away and gives us piece of mind that our guest are taken care off." - Thiago A.


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