Making the Bed

A great way to ensure a pleasant and comfortable vacation rental cleaning is to make the beds very tight to appear very comfortable with straight, tightly folded corners and fluffy, fitted white pillows. There are many ways to make beds. Resort style fashion is the best way to make beds in vacation rental properties. The bed should look comfortable and have straight tightly tucked corners with clean matching linens and double folded linen folds up top.

Three Key Elements

Most renters are coming in from long road trips or business meeting events and they generally want to have a hot shower, hot meal, and warm bed. This is why the three key elements to any vacation rental are the restrooms, the kitchen, and the beds. I call it “the big three”.  The appearance of the beds can make or break any first impression by the host or renter. The appearance of the beds should make the renter want to actually lie in them. By taking time to tuck the corners in a resort-style fashion using coverlets, duvets, and pillows, in new and modern ways make for a more updated and professional appearance. Tucking pillow cases to fit the size of the pillow creates a more clean and sleek appearance.

I tend to leave the dryer sheets inside the pillow cases to keep them smelling fresh and the renter can have some light fragrance while resting. As a quick trick I apply Lavender Fabric Softener from a spray bottle on to wrinkled pillowcases. I then place them in the dryer on permanent press for about 15 minutes to remove wrinkles. There’s nothing pretty about wrinkled pillow cases on beautiful beds. Just this one flaw can make the pillow appear to be used. Taking time out to make sure that your pillowcases are not wrinkled or stained by make up ect can make or break a public review. I use natural daylight to clearly check white linens before placing them on beds, by opening curtains in the room and letting the sunshine come in, checking diligently for hair, debris, and stains.

Five Senses

I always use a key outline when making beds or generally cleaning a vacation rental. I’ve learned by connecting to the five human senses, see, smell, touch, hear, and taste result in immediate personal satisfaction. Guests should SEE a pleasing and tidy home that’s been cleaned by your Airbnb cleaner. Renters should SMELL fresh linens on their beds.  FEEL/TOUCH soft clean linens on their pillows. The renter should HEAR peace and quiet, by being mindful not to leave washing machine or dryer running or dishwasher running after cleaning is complete. Lastly, the renter wants to TASTE something by leaving a light snack and bottled water on a tray or nightstand nearby. Chocolates on pillows give a more high-end look with the cleaning. This immediately satisfies all five senses as renters rest in tightly tucked beds.

It’s a win win! I’ve learned to go above and beyond in the process of the cleaning. If you can connect to the renter by creating comfort in cleaning you are set apart from average cleaners. Consider the color scheme in the room. This includes always being mindful of your linens. Its important to match your comforter and curtains. A balanced room creates a room ready for them to rest in.  By going above and beyond the cleaning it’s a win-win. A good review and a better quality experience overall for your host and their renters.

In my 15 years experience in vacation rental property management and professional cleaning I have learned it’s just the smallest things that can make or break a successful clean as you never really know who your client is or what they’re in town for.  You don’t want to ruin anybody’s day or their vacation by not delivering the best possible cleaning you can provide. This can ultimately make or break a public review. Basing your cleaning with an empathetic spirit can result in endless results. #tuckthosecorners #createcomfort #goaboveandbeyond 

 About the Author: Ebony is a professional Airbnb Cleaner located in Phoenix, Arizona. To view Ebony’s profile or to book her for your next short term rental cleaning, visit her profile or find an Airbnb cleaner in your area.