When it comes to vacation rentals the dollars are in the details, and as cleaners it is our job to ensure that the unit is clean and look immaculate before the next quest arrives. The idea is that if we put more effort in the small things that no one would realize, the owner can make more money, the unit has a higher rating, the unit rents out more frequently and we as cleaners get more cleanings. All around a win – win situation.

Making a Bed

One thing that I do when it comes to the
 details is when you are making the bed. The reason people spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on a high end hotel is because of how the room looks and how the bed is made. Instead of just putting the sheets on and the comforter. Make sure all of the extra fabric is tucked under the bed, along with the top sheet. Make sure the top sheet is lined up straight about 2 inches from the headboard, giving enough space for the pillows to be put on before putting on the comforter. Then, depending on the size and thickness of the comforter, you can either tuck the corners under the bed itself or if it is a thicker comforter, you can drape it over all of the edges to give it a very at home feel. For some extra detail, put a thin blanket over the bed. Tuck the excess under the bed exactly like the comforter.  


Each vacation rental should have decorative pillows for each bedroom. They are normally the same pattern or part of the set for the comforter. These are vital to the look of the vacation rental. They add extra detail to the bedroom in a place where it would normally be a plain white pillow case. If your host does not have decorative pillows, mention to them that this could be a great addition. It’s a great way to up sell as they will look much better in their marketing photos. As well as this reminds guests of a high end hotel.


It is incredibly important that after each guest leaves. You put a new mattress pad on the bed along with a clean set of sheets. Top sheet and pillow cases. This ensures that each guest gets the best possible experience in a fresh clean vacation rental.

About the Author: Nicholas is a professional Airbnb Cleaner located in Denver, Colorado. To view Nicholas’ profile or to book him for your next short term rental cleaning, visit his profile or find an Airbnb cleaner in your area.