Keeping track of multiple calendars.


Alechia has 10 properties that she regularly performs turnovers for. With this many properties keeping her busy, she faced the hassle of keeping track of multiple calendars. Alechia took to the internet to look for a solution to her challenges. She wished to find a resource that would allow her to save time and compile her calendars into one space. This search led her to TurnoverBnB.


TurnoverBnB gives Alechia as an Airbnb cleaner the ability to manage the properties she cleans in one convenient calendar. Not only does Alechia benefit from having all of her properties in one system, but she is now able to utilize features such as automic scheduling. This further simplifies and saves her time in the scheduling and cleaning process.

I appreciate it being free for my current clients and I to use and I definitely don’t mind paying 5% per clean for business TurnoverBnB brings me! I can’t express enough how grateful I am.”, says Alechia.


Alechias customers have responded positively to working with her through the TurnoverBnB platform and she plans to use the software with all of her future customers as well. She says that TurnoverBnBs website and cleaner application allowed her to easily manage her cleaning schedules making scheduling ‘hassle free and easy’.