The Correct Way to Use Color in your Airbnb

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This post was written by our friend Lauren Winter from We Curate, who is a gifted interior designer  that specializes in airbnb properties. 

Have you ever walked into a home that was so colorful it looked like the crayon box exploded?  There was so much going on that your eye didn’t know where to focus and you quickly ended up with a headache.  Alternatively, there are also homes that have mastered the “all-white” look and exude a serene peace that make you want to take a seat and stay forever.  While the latter option is beautiful, it isn’t practical for an Airbnb rental.


Color overload vs. White haven (via This is Glamorous)

It’s a delicate balance to utilize color in your Airbnb.  You need enough contrast to grab the attention of potential guests, but you don’t want to overwhelm them with a desperate attempt at color bombing every room.  Below are my 5 tips for successfully introducing color into your rental property.

1. Use Sparingly

A little color goes a long way.  Choose to add color through smaller elements like pillows, lamps, books & objects.  These items can easily be changed out to give your space a new look when you’re ready.

2. Avoid Primary Colors Together

You don’t want your property to look like a collegiate football party, so avoid using primary colors together.  You can balance the brightness of a primary color by pairing it with different hues–think pastels, jewel tones, etc, but using multiple primary colors together feels dated.

3. Don’t forget black

While this may seem opposite of what you’re thinking when it comes to color, introducing some black makes the other colors stand out.  Add black with small elements like a lampshade or a picture frame for a level of contrast that adds interest to the space.

4. Rugs & Artwork go a long way

If you change nothing else in your space, consider swapping out a rug or artwork to give new life and add color.  Rugs ground the furniture, and are a natural place to implement color.  As a bonus, the more colorful they are, the better they hide stains!  Adding a piece of artwork to a neutral colored room can transform a space from boring and sterile to interesting and gallery-like.

5. Choose colors that reflect your surroundings

When selecting which colors you’re going to utilize in your space, consider your surroundings.  If you’re located near the ocean, pull colors from the water or sunsets you see on the beach.  Homes near the mountains can steal from the surrounding trees and foliage.  Visiting guests have an image in their minds of the landscape they’ll see on vacation, and pulling these colors into the home further enhances their sensory experience.

The goal in adding color to your property is not only to make your listing stand out, but to make your guests feel at home by providing them with a relaxing environment.  By implementing color in the right ways, you can successfully put your guests at ease and give them a vacation to remember.

Have questions or a color success story to share?  Leave a comment to let us know!

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