What is a triple sheet ?

Tripple sheeting is a way of making a bed that looks great and feel luxurious but is actually easier for the airbnb cleaner to launder and replace compared to a duvet cover. One of our best airbnb cleaners in Honolulu says that it takes 3 times as long to strip out a duvet cover and place it back in than it takes to make triple sheet bed spread.

How to make a a triple sheet bed spread?

1. Place a fitted sheet on the bed.

2. Lay a flat ironed sheet on top of the fitted sheet.

3. Place a duvet or another blanket on the flat sheet leaving a few inches of space form the top the flat sheet.

4. Cover the the duvet or blanket with another flat ironed sheet matching the bottom sheet top.

5. Fold the two sheets sandwiching the duvet a few inches without the duvet and than perform another fold including the duvet.

6. Tuck away the loose sheets by folding them under the corners of the bed.

If you are like me, and you hate abstract instructions, this video couldn’t be easier.

tripple sheet bed spread

You should end up with something like this

Why should I use a triple  sheet bed spread?

For starters it looks great, and your guests would love it! when you walk into a room with the bed made out nicely you already feel relaxed. The other thing to consider is that once you master the technique, it is much easier than messing around with duvet covers.  Of course, when you hire a professional airbnb cleaner you should expect them to do this with ease.

If you insist to stick to your duvet covers, make sure to watch the coolest way to stuff a duvet back into the cover in this awesome video.

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