Layla’s main challenge was managing multiple tasks on multiple platforms.


Layla was referred to TurnoverBnB by one of her clients who she performs turnovers for. Since then she has used the platform for all of her turnovers with this host and wishes to add the other properties she cleans to the system.


TurnoverBnB gives Layla the ability to manage the properties she cleans in one convenient calendar. Layla can now benefit from completing all of her tasks on her phone from one platform. Instead of using different platforms, she can now go to the same place for alerting guests of when the turnover has begun, been completed and include pictures of the property.


Layla can now utilize features such as automic scheduling and the cleaner app. These features allow her to correlate her calendar and keep her hosts up to date on the turnover progress. This further simplifies and saves Layla time in the scheduling and cleaning process.

“This app allows me to accept jobs, correlate my calendar and communicate with clients.”