1. Remember Time Constraints

Vacation rentals are unique in that unlike normal house keeping, there is an extra tight time constraint if there is a same day check in and out guest. For this reason one of the top considerations when cleaning an Airbnb.

2. Set Priorities

Priorities for cleaning a vacation rental are the items that you want to clean most frequently. This includes obvious items such as sheets, towels, etc. Priorities should also include parts of the home that guests can easily see and tend to collect dust or become easily messy. Some important spots to clean are the windows of any smudges, the floors and other surfaces.

3. Make Guest Check-out List

A great and simple way to make things easier on your Airbnb cleaner is having a short check out list for your guests. You should not be afraid to ask for a short and simple check out list for guests, but do not make it to long that it overwhelms them. This can include having your guests strip the bed of sheets. Guests can be instructed to put sheets and towels into a pile that your cleaner can simply pick up and put into the washing machine. Other simple tasks are to throw away all leftover food or trash and loading the dishwasher.

4. Use Green Alternatives

Green cleaning products are something that have grown in popularity. Green non toxic cleaning products are better for people and the environment. Ask your Airbnb cleaner about making the switch to green products if they have not already done so.

5. Keep Cleaning in Mind When Decorating

One tip that will make all of your cleanings a little easier it to decorate with cleaning in mind. Before you purchasse to many decorations to put onto all of your surfaces, remember that these will have to be to be removed for cleaning. This will be time consuming and there is a likelihood that some items may fall and break in this process.

6. Check for Damages

It is wise to consistently check for damages after each guests stay. Sometimes guests may not inform you of broken plates or other damages. Checking for damages can be done by your Airbnb cleaner as they are going through your property.

7. Anything Left Behind

It happens, we all forget things once in a while. It is common for guests in the hurry of checking out of your Airbnb to leave something behind. Have your Airbnb cleaner check all cabinets and drawers where they could have left something behind.

8. Plan for the Future

Plan out when during the year you will have deep cleans. It would be wise to have a deep clean done twice a year- possibly before your busy seasons. On a different note for preparing for the future, you may also consider purchasing items that will protect your furniture or appliances for any future accidents. Consider purchasing items such as table covers to protect from spills as well as waterproof mattress covers.