Your vacation rental probably attract many different types of travelers. No two travelers are the same. With that being said, it is important to understand the needs and wants of different types of travelers and how to appeal to them. In this blog we will give you a profile of the different types of travelers and how to attract each category.


  1. Family

There is an increasing amount of family vacations being taken each year and the amount of money that is being spent on each vacation. While these numbers are steadily increasing, vacationing with children can still be a hassle for parents. When trying to attract families to your vacation rental, try to make it as kid-friendly as possible.


  • Suggest nearby kid friendly attractions such as parks, zoos, and restaurants
  • Child-proof your home for families with younger children. Remove fragile and sharp objects from reach and areas they could be easily knocked over. Install child locks and baby gates for the stairs.
  • Provide toys for the kids and games that the whole family can play
  • Offer items such as a stroller, car seat, and high chair.


  1. Couples

It’s no surprise that you’ll see a lot of couple bookings. Most likely, these couples will be celebrating something whether it be a birthday, anniversary, or honeymoon. They are looking to get away from the chaos in their daily lives and relax.


  • Provide everything in pairs. Couples want to do almost everything together so be sure you enable them to! For example, if you offer amenities such as bicycles, you should provide two of them.
  • Suggest secluded areas couples can find some peace and quiet at.
  • Recommend local romantic restaurants to end the day with.


  1. Groups

Most people who go on vacation tend to travel in a group rather than alone. Vacation rentals offer them a bigger amount of space than a typical hotel room would. Group travelers are looking to have a good time, but still want a place to kick back and relax with one another.


  • Stock rooms with extra supplies such as towels, blankets, and toilet paper.
  • List the maximum amount of people on your hosting platform so guests know if your home is big enough to host the amount of travelers.
  • Provide information on public transportation, parking, and group discounts.


  1. Pet owner

Traveling with a pet has always been a difficult task. The good news is that if you allows pets in your home, your rental is already attractive to the regular pet owner! Overall, pet owners are just looking for a vacation rental that will host pets even if it does cost them a little extra to do so.


  • State on your listing that you are pet friendly
  • Supply toys
  • Provide cleaning supplies for any accidents

Have the same type of supplies for a pet as would a human. For example, provide a food and water bowl and a nice bed to sleep in. Providing cleaning supplies to pet owners will take stress away from the pet owner incase of any accidents from the animal. This will also take stress off of your floors and your Airbnb cleaner.