For many vacation rental property owners, the amount of time it takes to manage an Airbnb can be overwhelming. This is especially true if a vacation rental property owner is juggling a job as well as property management. In these cases of struggling with time management, hosts look to an outside source for help- a property manager. In some cases you may be able to find online software that can act as a property manager, for example TurnoverBnB, which takes care of the Airbnb cleaner side. But in some cases you need someone to completely manage your property from start to finish with the guest. When looking for a property manager, remember these 5 qualities of a perfect vacation rental property manager.

1. Good Communication

This counts for both you and your guest. You want a property manager that will provide quick and sound responses to guest inquiries as well as keep you updated as a the owner of the property, in the process. A property manager should also be a pleasant person that your guests will be happy to speak to.

2. Knowledgeable

Your property manager should have general knowledge on what it takes to run a vacation rental as well as thorough knowledge on your property. When guests call or contact your property manager with questions, they must have thorough information about the property to answer all questions and advertise your property.

3. Honest

Trusting someone with your vacation rental property is a huge commitment. Therefore, having an honest property manager who you can trust to run your home. A way to make sure that you are hiring an honest property manager is by speaking to the past hosts whose properties they have managed.


It can be problematic to hire a property manager who has to many properties to juggle themselves. The reason you sought a property manager was lack of time to manage the property, therefore you do not want to hire someone that is in turn having the same issue!

5. Observe Competition

When you’re looking to hire a property manager, you will want to find someone who has knowledge of vacation rentals in your area. Your property manager will be the person to go to to monitor what the price of your rental should be, compared to the competition in your area.