It’s Fourth of July, and you know what that means: fireworks, fried food and patriotic music. For people who are have gone on vacation to celebrate and are not familiar with the area, it can be hard to know what to do to celebrate. Whether you are a vacation rental host who wants to provide tips for your guests for Fourth of July or a guest who would like tips for how to spend this holiday, we have tips for you on the best way to celebrate Fourth of July at a vacation rental.

  1. Check for local events

Whether it be fireworks, a parade or a fair, there’s a good chance that the area you are in has something to offer. Check local newspapers for information about local events. You can also do a quick search online to find if there are any Fourth of July events going on in your area.

  1. Buy party poppers

If the area that the vacation rental is located does not have any Fourth of July events going on, find a local shop that sells fun party items. These can include poppers with confetti or sparklers!

  1. Utilize the grill

Barbequing is a staple for celebrating the fourth. It is a simple way to enjoy the property and the amenities it has to offer while being festive. Hosts, be sure to have your Airbnb cleaner spend extra time cleaning the grill after a guests stay because chances are it was heavily used.

  1. Play by the pool

Renting a property with a pool is a huge plus for celebrating Fourth of July. Spending time in the sun and listening to country or patriotic music is a classic way to spend the day. If this sounds appealing but the property you are staying at does not have a pool, do not worry. Check to see if the association you are staying in has a pool or if there’s a public pool nearby.

  1. Fourth of July food

No matter where you are, you can make fun Fourth of July themed food. This is a fun and delicious way to get into the spirit. Food network has great recipes for Fourth of July themed foods such as a Caprese salad in the shape of an American flag with you can eat with raspberry lemonade.